Time For Aeration & Overseeding

King GREEN offers a premier lawn aeration program in many areas, including the Georgia and North Carolina areas. If you are interested in our Georgia lawn care or North Carolina lawn care services, please contact us today. Should you decide to have the lawn aerated and, if necessary, over-seeded, you’ll want to be sure the job is done properly. Like every other maintenance practice, there is a correct way to aerate and plant new seed. Hiring the local guy with a truck and aerator may or may not make sense. Wise homeowners have learned that, in the long run, where results count, scheduling aeration with an experienced service will deliver the results you expect. For a few dollars, you can purchase a sod-coring tool that does a better job.

Lawns growing in heavy, clay soils and those subject to heavy foot traffic should be aerated twice a year. Once a year should be sufficient for lawns that are established on well-drained soils and experience little traffic. Excess thatch build-up and compacted soils are two major influences on the health and growth of your lawn. Core can help reduce thatch and relieve compaction to provide a greener and healthier lawn.

Like the spading fork, this tool is easy to use and ideal for small areas. Unlike the fork, the sod-coring fungicide for lawn tool removes cores of soil from the lawn instead of pushing the soil aside to create holes.