Top 10 Best Lawn Aeration In Saint Louis, Mo

Liquid is a necessary part of maintaining a healthy lawn. GrassRoots provides liquid aeration to give your lawn every opportunity to grow healthy and strong. For compacted soils, raking up the plugs will go a long way. Otherwise, these plugs will break down back into the soil.

The best time for overseeding with blended bluegrass is early September or October, when days are warm and nights cool. Overseeding serves to make your lawn more resistant to disease, drought, and insects. Water the sod well before you use any method of aeration or coring.

If your soil is not compacted, plug removal is not necessary. Mark any sprinkler heads or other lawn obstacles with kill weeds not grass flags. You’ll want to be sure to operate the machine with care around these so the aerator won’t gobble them up.