Why It’s Important To Aerate Your Soil

This deep layer of old material harbors pests and disease pathogens, such as fungal spores. The thatch also minimizes the amount of nutrients and moisture that the roots need to grow. The frequency of is largely determined by the soil type and the amount of use.

The plugs pulled from your lawn will break down in a few weeks, depending on the weather , so you can just leave them on the ground. You can spread compost or a good soil mix to fill in the holes, and you can also choose to spread fertilizer or seed at this time. Lawns that suffer heavy foot traffic and consist of clay soil get compacted more easily, so they likely need to be aerated more often. Did your lawn turn brown after a few days of hot weather? Compress the area with a roller, which you can also rent.

These are heavy wheeled tools, which compact the earth and ensure seed contact with soil. Unfortunately, the process may also increase compaction again, requiring how to kill moss you to aerate the lawn again soon. Lawns with a thick build up of thatch that is more than an inch (2.5 cm.) deep can suffer from disease and insect problems.