Your Guide To Lawn Aeration

The lawn you choose should be sown, fed and re-seeded according to its type. The seed will germinate quickly in the still-warm soil, the young grass will thrive in the rapidly cooling air, and be up and growing before the first leaves fall. You’ll also notice that your lawn becomes “springier” and more resilient. Because of the additional oxygen in the soil, the roots are thick and healthy, making the blades thick and healthy too. You will fight the constant urge to take off your shoes and dig your toes into the grass. Your grass’s roots will grow to fill in the newly loosened soil, even where growth was sparse due to compaction. Paddlewheel aerators also utilize air-to-water contact to transfer oxygen from the air in the atmosphere to the water body.

The optimum time to seed cool-season turfgrasses is during September. This is when nature establishes cool-season grasses; therefore, the best results with the least amount of work occur at that time. Overseeding is the process of adding more seed to your lawn at the right time to promote a better looking and healthier lawn.